About Us

What is the Chaplaincy Program?

The Madison County Sheriff's Chaplaincy Program communicates and shares the saving power, hope and love of Christ to the imprisoned, victims, sheriff's department employees and their families.

​​Why do we need the Chaplincy Program

Inmates are searching for answers

When the steel doors of the Madison County Detention Center lock behind them, many new detainees are forced to face failure-wrong choices, bad friends, and a lifestyle which has distanced them from God. Questions like "How did I wind up here?" "What can I do to get my life back on track?" "Is there a better way?" are common. For some the search is fleeting. For others the quest runs deep. Will these persons find what is missing in their lives? Can they begin again and face their problems?

     If a new way of life is to take hold, seeds of faith must be planted and nurtured. With your help, the Sheriff's Chaplaincy Program will be there to introduce them to the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ and to disciple them in a different lifestyle, a God-centered lifestyle.


The Chaplaincy Program helps the Community

Conveying the love of God and transforming lives are the ultimate goals of the Chaplaincy Program. Yet, the Chaplaincy Program is also an effective community supporter. More and more persons are victims of violent assults and property offenses. Cell doors all too often are revolving doors. We all pay the price-building more prisons, neglected children and broken families, higher welfare costs, and a feeling of insecurity. But the cycle of crime can be stopped. The Chaplaincy Program helps people replace the pain and disappointment of their lives with the hope and reconciliation of the Gospel. It presents the word of God and begins the difficult process of reordering lives.


The Chaplaincy Program ministers to the Sheriff's staff

The Chaplaincy Program ministers to law enforcement personnel as well as inmates. These men and women often put themselves in harm's way to make our community a safer and better place to live. They face stresses and risks every day-some like the ones common to all of us and others unique to their profession. The Chaplaincy Program seeks to meet officers and staff of the Madison County Sheriff's Department at their points of need. This may mean helping a member of the department cope with a death in the family, work through a personal or professional problem, or deal with his or her own spirituality.

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What Does the Chaplaincy Program Do?


The Chaplaincy Programs's ministries include

  • Worship services for men and women at the Madison County Detention Center, Madison County Correctional Complex (MCCC), Work Release, and Madison county Youth Center

  • Facilitates Group and individual Bible study, worship services and other ministries and discipleship among inmates and volunteers through the "Go To Church Program", a cooperative effort between Community Justice Center (CJC) and local community Churches.

  • Discipleship and support for inmates returning to the community after incarceration

  • Youth Ministries: Chaplain at Madison Co. Youth Center, (Youth) Secure Detention Unit, Jail Tours, Youth, Groups, Straight talk about drugs, gangs, jail, and prison, etc.

  • Support and encouragement to families of crime and accident victims

  • Mentoring, assistance and spiritual guidance to Madison County Sheriff's officers and staff

  • Celebrate Recovery Inside for the Detention Center and MCCC. 

  • Go To Celebrate Recovery Program, a Cooperative effort between CJC and Madison Park Church of God.